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Video Samples

Dual Grade Series

Short Stories

Daisuke Ehara / Gr. 2.5 / 5:30

(A) Part (Experienced player), (B) Part (Beginning-level player) - written for experienced and novice students to perform in the same ensemble.

I, My, Me, Mine!!

Souhei Kano / Gr. 2.5 / 5:30

Some parts are written with both A (Regular) and B (Beginner) on the same page. A is Grade 2.5 and B is Grade 1. You can divide A and B within the same section or you can assign different sections for A and B Parts.

Celtic Fantasy

Keiichi Kurokawa / Gr. 2.5 / 6:15

A Part (advanced) is a grade 2.5-3 in American grading system. B Part (beginner) is 1-1.5. B Part is accessible for elementary school and junior high school beginning band students in Japan. However, the drone-sounding sections require a certain technique to hold the sound steady.

Evergreen Overture

Hayato Hirose / Gr. 2.5 / 3:20